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Effortlessly manage and optimize campaigns with our user-friendly platform. Our intuitive interface streamlines campaign data enhancement. With simplified navigation and a comprehensive suite of tools, accessing and leveraging our platform’s power is a breeze. Focus on your business objectives as our platform makes data-driven decisions for you.


Our powerful application automates campaign optimization and data analysis, saving you precious time. With a simple copy and paste, your campaign URLs are seamlessly integrated into our platform. In just moments, our advanced algorithms optimize your campaigns and provide valuable insights, enabling you to make data-driven decisions effortlessly.


Gain valuable and actionable data insights that help you identify the hottest prospects and prioritize your data quickly. Our comprehensive analytics and reporting tools provide a clear and concise overview of your campaign performance. With easily accessible data-driven insights, you can refine your marketing strategies to maximize conversions and drive business growth.

Who Benefits Most from Promote Ad Lead Services?

Real Estate Agents: Save Money, Time & Frustration

EZAgentleads reduces the time and frustration of marketing so you can focus on selling more homes and closing more deals. We have invested thousands of dollars in targeted advertising to furnish our Agents with New Quality Targeted Leads, daily.

Real Estate Teams & Brokers: Get to Closing Deals faster & More Frequently

Together you are stronger. When everyone on the team has access to leads, everyone can generate more Revenue. Leave the Lead generating to Promote Ad so you can focus on building a strong workforce of Realtors who are closing more deals.

Mortgage Lenders: Gain More Referral Partners

Reduce your costs of advertising by gaining new Real Estate Referral Partners. Incentivize your network with daily leadflow in the pipeline.


Since I started using EZ Lead Pages, my lead generation has skyrocketed. The user-friendly interface allowed me to quickly create stunning lead qualifying forms that captured valuable information from my prospects. The automated lead enhancement and qualification process saved me time and effort, and the actionable data insights helped me prioritize and convert the hottest prospects. Thanks to EZ Lead Pages, my business has grown exponentially!
Sarah Johnson
Agent in FL
EZ Lead Pages has been a game-changer for my real estate business. The simplicity of creating lead qualifying forms and integrating them into my advertising campaigns has been remarkable. The platform's automation capabilities have significantly enhanced my lead generation efforts, allowing me to focus on nurturing the most promising prospects. With EZ Lead Pages, I've seen a substantial increase in the quality and quantity of leads, leading to more closed deals and satisfied clients.
Michale Thompson
Agent in AZ
As a mortgage professional, EZ Lead Pages has revolutionized my lead qualification process. The ease of use and customizable templates made it a breeze to create lead qualifying forms that perfectly fit my business needs. The platform's automated optimization features have saved me valuable time, enabling me to focus on nurturing and converting high-quality leads. EZ Lead Pages has truly helped me streamline my lead generation efforts and boost my overall business success.
Russ Woolley
Agent in HI

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